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Dex Sniper 5.6
- Added Personal Wallet Stats.
- Anti-Mev Integration.
- Bot can now automatically recognize the best setup for a specific operation after scanning a coin, it will suggest then apply the best settings if you decide to accept it.

Dex Sniper 5.5
- Added Arbitrium network.
- Bribe Mode now available on Plus version.
- Some improvements on the mempool Scanner giving more informations.

Dex Sniper 5.4
- Scanner function will now display token creator informations if he had other projects (Same Wallets)
- Sniper Mode will now show how many other Snipers have pending transaction on a Coin before launch.
- Front Run Mode will now display the transaction ignored based on your settings.

Dex Sniper 5.3
- New Function (Scan Mode) added on all version. You can now scan a coin before Buying and Sniping to have all detailed and hidden informations, a score from 1 to 10 will be given to the Token based on how safe and good the project is.
Dex Sniper 5.2
- Added detailed explanation near each function.
- AntiRug and Source Scanner drastically improved.

Dex Sniper 5.1
- Added recovery Key Access function.
- User Interface speed improved.

Dex Sniper 5.0
- Contract Bot it's now an add-on for Dex Sniper Bot (Plus Package)
- Improved speed in Snipe Mode and Mirror Mode.
- UI More smooth and interactive (See videos inside telegram group)
- Added inside guide and explanation for some features.
- Added Language Support EN-DE-FR-ES
- Website and our links can be checked inside the Bot UI without the need to open your Browser or another tab

Dex Sniper 4.9
- Added Avoid Blacklist and Sandwich mode in Sniper mode for Dex Normal & Pro.
- You can now add your nodes and select which one to use from the list.
- Grouped multiple functions together for fast set up.

Dex Sniper 4.8
- UI more smooth and responsive for Dex Normal & Pro.
- Speed improved on Dex Normal & Pro.

Dex Sniper 4.7
- New UI for Dex Normal & Pro.
Dex Sniper 4.6

- Copy trade can now be used on multiple Wallets at same time, applies on Dex Normal & Pro.

​Dex Sniper 4.5.2
- Updated DEX database on Mobile devices, this will be updated automatically with computer version from now on.

Dex Sniper 4.5.1
- Fixed an issue on Normal version while using custom Method ID in Buy mode, we also looked for it on Mobile devices Bot and no problems found.

​Dex Sniper 4.5
- Slightly improved speed on Presale Mode and Snipe mode for Pro version.
- Updated DEX database.

Contract Bot 1.6
- Updated the UI.
- Updated Networks and DEX database.
- Multiple Contract deploy available now.

Dex Sniper 4.4.1
- Added Copy trading on iOS & Android.

Dex Sniper 4.4
- Changed UI on iOS and Android version.
- Copy trading of a Wallet will now by done with slightly higher Gas to prevent being Front Runned, Normal & Pro version.

Dex Sniper 4.3
- In Presale Mode the Gas will now be set automatically to make sure you always get a spot, we removed. manually insertion since it was preventing a lot of people to get in on Pro version.
- The Force Sell function will now use more gas if you are in big profit to make sure your transaction won't fail or lose your profit. Fully functional on Normal & Pro version.

Dex Sniper 4.2
- After starting the Bot on iOS and Android you can now leave it running in background and receive notifications in real time.

Dex Sniper 4.1
- You can Ape in on multiple tokens at the same time by using Snipe Scan mode on Normal & Pro version.
- The Bot will warn you now if the gas inserted manually could fail the transaction and tells you the correct amount to insert on Normal & Pro (we always suggest to use auto mode for gas unless you know what you are doing).

Dex Sniper 4.0
- Presale Mode will display inside the Bot the time of the launch based on your time zone, additionally it will let you select how many Wallets you want to use.
- Minor fixes on BSC and ETH network.

NFT Bot 1.3
- Unlimited bidding available now.
- Multiple Currency added based on the Network the NFT is.
- Speed and Stability improved.

Dex Sniper 3.9
- You can now monitor and resume the operations done by the Bot on your computer directly from your iOS & Android Devices.

Dex Sniper 3.8
- Performance improved on iOS and Android.
- Veechain network added.
- Fixed an issue where Front Run mode wouldn't work properly on iOS when detecting more than 1 Transaction.

Contract Bot 1.5
- You can now apply the same AntiBot settings on Multiple Wallets or change it for each one.
- Contract Bot speed drastically improved specially on Snipe Mode.

Dex Sniper 3.7
- You can now scan for new Tokens being added in Snipe Mode on Normal & Pro (Beta).
- Fixed a small issue where AntiRug wouldn't work properly if Stop Loss would reach the exact % you set.

Dex Sniper 3.6
- Improved speed on Snipe/Buy mode for Normal & Pro version.
- Improved reaction time on Market Making function.

Dex Sniper 3.5
- Polygon network support added.
- Fixed an issue with Telegram scraper on iOS & Android where it wouldn't copy the contract address if there would be multiple CA deployed at the same time.

Dex Sniper 3.4
- Stability and Performance improved on iOS and Android.
- Sell only mode now displays the correct informations by detecting the tokens inside your wallet on Normal & Pro.

Contract Bot 1.4
- Contract Scanner will now scan every 2 seconds making it faster.
- The bot will adjust gas automatically to fill blocks with the minimum fees possible.

Dex Sniper 3.3
- Follow Wallet function on Pro version can now work with multiple wallets.
- Fixed an issue on Snipe mode while using Open trade on iOS and Android.
- Stability and Performance improved on iOS and Android.

Dex Sniper 3.2
- iOS support available for customers (Beta)
- Added Velas network support.

Dex Sniper 3.1
- Whitelist available on Snipe Presale mode on Pro version.
- Front Run mode can now detect multiple transactions at the same time on Pro version.
- Fixed an Issue with Stop loss while using only Buy mode on Normal & Pro.

Dex Sniper 3.0
- Improved stability and performance on Android Devices.
- Added Chainlink network support.
- iOS Version being tested with few customers.
- You can now do multiple Snipes on the same client on Normal & Pro.

NFT Bot 1.2
- You can now instantly list for sale after the Snipe with Auto-Sell function.
- Added Mint Snipe feature.

Dex Sniper 2.9
- Source contract scanner will now display all possible rugs for that token before the buy and ask you if you wish to continue with the transaction. This function will keep monitoring the contract for any change, if the Devs will decide to do any harmful change then the Bot will use Front Run mode and sell everything. This function monitors all type of rugs, honeypot, change to buy/sell code into coins contract, applies to Normal & Pro.
- You can now approve the tokens before the Snipe/Buy to save time on Normal & Pro.

Dex Sniper 2.8
- Android mobile integration being rolled out to customers. This function it's still in semi-beta so any suggestion will help fix major issues, iOS being tested and will be added soon.

Dex Sniper 2.7
- You can now add multiple nodes and it will be automatically selected based on the Network you select.
- Fixed some small issues with telegram scraper on Pro version.
- Added Cardano network.

Dex Sniper 2.6
- Snipe & Buy mode speed interaction drastically improved on Normal & Pro.
- You can now skip taxed blocks automatically by using mode 2 on Skip Block feature on Normal & Pro.

Contract Bot 1.3
- Added MacOS and Linux Support.
- Transfer between multiple wallets now available.

Dex Sniper 2.5
- Mobile integration on android being tested by few users, iOS will be tested later on.
- You can now adjust the stop loss % even after the buy transaction.

Dex Sniper 2.4
- Now you can copy gas automatically from tokens liquidity on Normal & Pro.
- Performance improved on Front Run mode for Pro version.
- Cronos Network supported now.
- Telegram Scraper added on Pro version (Beta).
- Market Making available for Normal & Pro now.

Dex Sniper 2.3
- Source Contract Scanner can now detect Taxed Blocks on Normal & Pro.
- Added TrustWallet support Normal & Pro.
- Added Avalanche and Solana network.

Contract Bot 1.2
- Gain all token informations by connecting to Dev Wallet.
- Anti Blacklist available now (Beta).

Dex Sniper 2.2
- Fixed some issues with Method ID Normal & Pro.
- Added the function to monitor Liquidity before and after the Buy Normal & Pro.
- Follow Wallet feature available on Pro version Now.

NFT Bot 1.1
- You can now Out Bid automatically.
- Improved stability and speed on Snipe Mode.

Dex Sniper 2.1
- Added Limit Orders and Trail Stop on Normal & Pro.
- Fixed an issue where Force sell wasn't working properly on Pro version.
- Method ID added on Normal & Pro (Beta).
- Improved the reaction time of Honeypot detector.
- Presale Mode will now take all informations directly from CA on Dex Sniper Pro.

Contract Bot 1.1
- Pump detection added with Front Run integration.
- Spam TX is significantly faster now.

Dex Sniper 2.0
- Spam TX Available on Normal and Pro.
- Added Front Running Mode on Pro (Beta).
- Slightly Improved Speed on Normal and Pro.
- Fixed some minor issues and stability when AntiRug enters in action.

Contract Bot 1.0
- Contract Bot now available for limited spots (Beta).

NFT Bot 1.0
- Added the possibility to export tools directly from Rarity.
- Major stability issues solved.
- Multi Wallet available.

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